History of Christmas Wreaths

All you needed to know about Christmas wreaths

Artificial Woodland Gold Christmas Wreath 48cmChristmas is beautiful; it is the day when Christ was born under the shining light of the Star of David. Several stories are said related to the day of his birth and different individuals believe in different stories. In order to celebrate the day that’s holy, divine and sacred, people decorate their home, cook good food, share chocolates with each other and dance together in joy. After all, it’s not every day when a holy spirit is born!

Christmas has been celebrated for last many centuries and, despite all these years, people are still excited with Christmas spirits in their hearts the moment November begins (some people are excited way before that). You notice every individual taking every single effort to get his Christmas decoration box out and decorating his house for Christmas. The best part is the wreath on the door. In fact, people also place wreaths on the graves of their lost loved ones, who have crossed to the other side of the world.

Talking of wreaths, there is a whole history behind them. In countries where English is the native language, wreaths are used as decorative ornaments for homes. In Christianity, these beautiful things are used to welcome the divine spirit at home. Most of the people believe that Jesus visits their home on the day of Christmas and to welcome him, it is essential for them to place something incredible on the door of their house.

Wondering how wreaths came into existence?

During the Ancient Rome times, wreaths were hung on the doors to depict victory. On the other hand, in Christianity, the wreaths were placed to symbolize Christ. Since the shape of a wreath is a circle, it depicts eternity or continuity of a never-ending life, which is the life of Jesus.

How did the tradition of Christmas wreaths begin?

The tradition of beautiful Christmas wreaths began in the early 19th century, even though it was initially started to honor the ones that passed away.

Why do people hang artificial Christmas wreaths on the door?

Artificial Christmas wreaths were introduced with a hope to have something that lasts for a longer period of time on the door. The moment you hang an artificial wreath on your door, you don’t need to change it over and over again. You can keep it right there for as long as the other Christmas decorations remain in your house.


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